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Tokensale Dashboard

Create ERC20 tokens and sell them to your contributors with our solution.

Token balance

Token calculator

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Describe your startup and schedule an ICO campaign

Provide an infromation about your campaign in a structured way. There are such sections as: About, Team, Press links, Social media, Videos and FAQ. These sections help visitors to better understand and trust your startup.

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Create a draft of campaign

Describe your campaign step by step. It's not required to fill all information at once. All provided information will be autosaved as on Google Docs.

Share the draft with team

Show your draft to reviewers before it will be published. Let them help you to find typos and correct description.

Publish the draft for review

When you feel that campaign is described well send it for validation. This is required to prevent spam.

Promote your campaign

Once your campaign is ready and verified by OTC EXCHANGE., you can mention it in online media and lead traffic to your startup.

Reach thousands of contributors

Once you described your startup campaign and it looks valid, it will be showed to the thousands of contributors that visit OTC EXCHANGE. This is a great place to show your project to the vibrant blockchain community.

An easy to navigate listing of campaigns

A structure of campaign listing lets people find what they want with no effort.

Filtering / sections
  • Upcoming
  • Ongoing
  • Past
  • Launching on OTC EXCHANGE
  • Launching on other platform
  • My Campaigns
Filtering / sections
  • Upcoming
  • Ongoing

Wallet for contributions

One of the key to successfull crowdsale is a wallet that accepts contributions in popular cryptocurrencies and smart contract that issue tokens of your startup.

Enable support for different cryptocurrencies

There is more chances to raise bigger amount when your campaign accept several popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Waves, etc.

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Generate a smart contract for Ethereum platform

You don't need to be a Solidity programmer in order to create a secure smart contract for crowdsale. All this can be easily generated on OTC EXCHANGE. Just fill a form with required information and get token and crowdsale contracts generated automatically.

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Issue tokens on Ethereum platform

Tokens issue on Ethereum are most recognized and they can be listed on leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Issue tokens on Waves platform

Tokens issued on Waves are listed on their decentralised exchange right after ICO finished. The more and more exchanges start to list Waves tokens.

Publish all generated contracts to GitHub

Your campaign get more trust when crowdsale contract is open sourced. We will publish it for you on GitHub.

View total raised funds in real time

Track the progress of your campaign: how much Ethers raised, how many contributors, total tokends issued.

Are you a contributor?

OTC EXCHANGE is the right place to find a prospect projects that need support. Here you can earn tokens by accomplishing bounty tasks or contribute some crypto in development of a project, and get tokens in return.

Select a campaign for contribution

Learn about different startups by visiting their detail pages on OTC EXCHANGE. When found an interesting campaign that you would like to support, just click 'Contribute' button.

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Login to crowdsale panel

You don't need to register every time to every crowdsale campaign that is on OTC EXCHANGE. Register once and then you will be able to contribute to different crowdsale campaigns with one click just by accepting their terms of service.

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Contribute with popular cryptocurrencies

Our contribution wallet is flexible and accepts different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, etc. After contribution made the crowdsale panel will show how many tokens you have.

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Track the growth of your tokens

All you tokens of different projects will be in one place on OTC EXCHANGE. This is a convenient way to track price and manage portfolio.

Autoinvest in 3rd party campaigns

Join an auto investment into big ICOs even if they take place not on OTC EXCHANGE.

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Top up your deposit on OTC EXCHANGE

Contributor puts some amount of money to his/her OTC EXCHANGE account. Then it will be possible to use any amount of that money when participating in autoinvestment into campaigns that take place on other platforms.

How OTC EXCHANGE manages autoinvesment

OTC EXCHANGE accumulate funds from different contributors up to one days before 3-rd party campaign starts. Then on the day of campaign it makes contribution. After tokens received, OTC EXCHANGE distributes them among all participants.

ZBS tokens and economy of OTC EXCHANGE

OTC EXCHANGE uses ZBS tokens in its economy. ZBS tokens can be used in different cases:

Pay for usage of OTC EXCHANGE services
Pay for creation of smart contracts
Pay for promotion of campaign
Pay for work made by contributors or employees
Reward for bounty tasks
Pay for posting an event or a conference

Payment for promotions

Having big listing it’s always hard to be noticed naturally. Especially if you are unknown project.

ZBS tokens can be used to pay for promotions of crowdsale campaigns and bounties. Having hundreds to thousands of campaigns on site it will be hard to outstand. By paying for, let’s say 1000 tokens will give a campaign 1000 extra views by showing the campaign on the top of OTC EXCHANGE site.

The similar situation could be with bounties or job entries: there could be thousands of different bounties and to get on top of other bounties, a project will pay some ZBS tokens.

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Reward for bounty

You can pay for bounty with tokens of your project that is going to launch a crowdsale. This is a good way for project to save money and to get some work done cheaper. But from the other side this way of payment is not safe for workers/contributors, because there is a big chance that a project will not success in crowdsale because of a big competition with other projects.

ZBS tokens as a payment reward for bounty could be a good alternative. Every project could have ZBS tokens on its deposit (for example after a required topup during publishing of ICO campaign), and these tokens could be used as a reward for bounty tasks instead of unissued tokens of project. ZBS tokens will be more respected and safe way to pay for the job, such as they will be tradeable at that moment in contrast to unissued tokens of a project.

Payment for work

ZBS tokens could be used as a currency that projects will use to pay salary for their employees or as a one time payment to freelancers. What kind of work can be payed with ZBS tokens?

  • Improve/review whitepaper
  • Legal support / consultancy
  • Copywriting and PR
  • Programming related tasks
  • Design and artwork
  • Regular salary for employee
  • One time payment for freelancer

Bounty dashboard

Bounties is a great way to save some money during preparation to crowdsale campaign. Many contributors would like to do some trivial or easy work in exchange to tokens of a project.

Create bounty tasks

Describe what should be done, what is the time frame for task and how much tokens a participant will get as a reward.

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Manage bounty tasks, give a feedback to contributors

Review tasks done by bounty hunters. Follow the proof links and check the quality of work. Give feedback to participants and send tokens as a reward.

Want to participate in bounties?

Do you like to accomplish small tasks that cost almost nothing for you and get rewarded for that? For example: signup to newsletters of a project or follow their Twitter / Facebook profile? Then bounty tasks are right for you!

Find bounties that you can accomplish
Earn ZBS tokens or other cryptocurrency
View feedback to your work

Job marketplace for contributors

Every project needs a help in different areas: coding, design, legal support, copywriting, marketing, etc. If you a person with required skills, then you can easily find a job at our marketplace. Help a project and get paid in cryptocurrency.

Find a job at a blockchain startup
Help with coding or desing tasks
Write or review a whitepaper
Help with legal aspects
Help with marketing and PR
Write an article / blog post about a project

Want to learn more about successful ICO campaigns?

Check out a curated list of 3-rd party crowdsale projects that is managed by OTC EXCHANGE. All information is well structured and easy to navigate.

Our Team

We are professional software developers with 10+ years of experience each. We worked in different organizations from European startups to large international corporations like Deutsche Bank. All the projects we participated in are successful.

Now we are focused on a development of blockchain ecosystem. We consider OTC EXCHANGE as a solution that can help other teams to bring their projects to life by helping them with raising funds for their development.